ALTELL seOS VT: Runtime security

ALTELL Virtualization Technology - ALTELL seOS VT provides an efficient isolation between various applications to improve security through containerization. ALTELL seOS VT is transparent to users and can be implemented independently or together with ALTELL Secure BIOS for an additional security layer. Virtualization approach to server and storage resources control and management eliminates many common threats and vulnerabilities such as viruses, trojans, DDOS attacks, etc.
Critical elements and features
  • Isolation of secure (trusted) and untrusted processes;
  • Ubiquitous activity monitoring;
  • Mandatory Access Control (MAC) throughout the system;
  • Role Based Aaccess Control (RBAC);
  • Pervasive encryption;
  • Strong authentication procedures;
  • Flexibility – implementation of customer defined security policies and procedures is enabled;
  • Transparency to users;
  • Support for multiple OS and device types.